Powder Booths

12FT. Batch – 12000CFM


SERVAIR SPB Batch Powder Booths are ideal for batch or conveyorized production where quick color change is not required.

Features of SERVAIR SPB Batch Powder Booths include:
Open access under primary filters, automatic and continuous self-clean filters, 2 Stage MERV 14 filtration, high efficiency fans for quiet operation, powder coated upper plenums,  and filter monitoring gauges.

SERVAIR SPB Batch Powder Booths come in standard widths of 6ft., 9ft. and 12ft.  They fit flat to building walls, and come shipped pre-assembled and factory tested.

Optional components include fluidized collection hoppers, stainless steel working enclosures.

Electrical: 208V  230V  460V  575V  |  c-CSA-us (UL) certified
> View our SPB Batch Powder Booth Brochure (.pdf)

> View our SPB Batch Powder Booth Manual (.pdf)

SPECIFICATIONS 6000 8000 10000 12000
W x H x D
6ft. X 10ft. 9in. X 3ft. 9ft. X 10ft. 9in. X 3ft. 12ft. X 10ft. 9in. X 3ft. 12ft. X 10ft. 9in. X 3ft.
Airflow (CFM) 6000 8000 10000 12000
Primary Filters
Length (Qty.)
48in. (4) 48in. (6) 48in. (8) 48in. (8)
Final Filters
Depth (Qty.)
6in. (2) 9in. (3) 12in. (4) 12in. (4)
HP 5 10 10 15
RPM 1750 1750 1750 1750
208V / 60Hz (Amps) 14 28.5 28.5 43
230V / 60Hz (Amps) 13.4 28.4 28.4 36.2
460V / 60Hz (Amps) 6.7 14.2 14.2 18.1
575V / 60Hz (Amps) 5.2 11.4 11.4 14.5
Controls (1-Phase) 110/60/10 110/60/10 110/60/10 110/60/10


·         Color module on casters for quick color change
·         Automatic, continuous self-clean filters
·         2 Stage MERV 14 filtration
·         Fluidized collection hopper in module base for powder recovery
·         Low profile booth stationary or on wheels
·         Booth materials: Galvanized, Stainless, PolyPro
·         Shipped pre-assembled and factory tested
·         Standard lengths: 9ft. 12ft. 15ft.
·         Height and Width to suit product profile

Electrical: 208V  230V  460V  575V  |  c-CSA-us (UL) certified

> View our In-line Roll-Away Powder Booth Brochure (.pdf)



Unlike liquid spray coating, powder coating is applied as a powder.  It also does not require a solvent to keep the binder and filler parts in a liquid suspension form. The powder is typically applied electrostatically, then cured to allow it to flow and form the coating.  Powder coating is used to create a hard finish that is more durable than conventional, liquid paint.  Powder coating is the new standard for high quality finishes to kitchen and laundry appliances, furniture, auto parts and custom rims, motorcycles, sporting equipment and many architectural products.