• 1/4″ M.S. or stainless, as specified, plate double welded with over-lapping edges. All lids manufactured from 3 series S.S. All troughs manufactured from S.S. (for long life, ease of maintenance).
  • Stainless slide-out style double pump screens with maximum 85% of nozzle orifice openings.
  • 100 gallons per square foot maximum design capacity.
  • Reinforced sloping bottoms with below tank floor drain point.
  • Access door in each chemical tank.
  • For specifications and further info – View our Washer Brochure (.pdf)


  • 3/16″ M.S. or stainless plate as specified.
  • Standard design provides for conveyor outside spray zones unless otherwise specified, to extend conveyor life, reduce dripping after cleaning.
  • Conveyor slot includes baffles and polyester brush seals to minimize steam escape.
  • Openings covered with sub-way type grating over full width and length.
  • Large access doors in each drain station with integrated drip trough and inspection light.


  • External supply pipe flange for maintenance purposes.
  • External pipe fitted with pressure and temperature gauges for accurate monitoring.
  • All wetted parts used in piping are B.I., stainless, or CPVC as specified.


  • Vertical mounted process pumps used with submerged wetted parts, all B.I. or stainless as specified.
  • Rubber lined butterfly valves used for easy maintenance adjustment and replacement.
  • Clamp-on nozzles used for easy adjustment, maintenance. Optional “Zip-Tip” nozzles available.
  • Exhaust fans located in entrance and exit vestibules are special design for washer application, tube axial type shaft with seals and water slingers, and external fittings for bearing lubrication.
  • Central control panel used for easy supervision and equipped with control indicating lights and indicating temperature controller for heated stages.
  • Advance start-up timer available.


  • Cascade water make-up system, utiliizing waste water from downstream over-flowing stages where compatible.
  • Fresh water misting nozzles available if specified, actuated by solenoid.





    • Tank capacity designed to minimum of 3x pump volume. Maximum burner utilization design to provide quick temperature bring-up.
    • Pre-assembly of machine to maximum practical size for quick installation and minimal down-time.
    • Nozzle capacity as per Parker 1100 Specifications Handbook.




Standard Washer Cross SectionwasherCrossSection

Servair Power Spray Washers are available in multiple stages and designs to suit all metal pre-treatment specifications for paint and powder coating.




> For specifications and further info –  View our Washer Brochure (.pdf)