Spray Booths

> For specifications and further info – View Spray Booths Brochure (.pdf)

Servair Spray Booth Drawing

Panels – 18 ga. four-sided galvanized steel panels with 2″ flange and edges. Matching prepunched holes bolt together easily.

Fans – Fans are furnished with nonferrous blades have been selected to provide adequate velocity for booth with or without conveyor openings. Fan motors are open type.

Servair fans are specifically designed for spray booth exhaust.  High efficiency air-foil type blades are non-sparking and balanced to move large amounts of air with little horsepower for peak efficiency and economy.

The vapor-proof belt housing keeps belts clean for safe smooth operation and long service.

Belts are easily changed without disassembly of the fan.  All models have permanently lubricated ball bearings for use at temperatures up to 225 degrees F. (107 degrees C).

Fan models range from 2,000 – 39,000 CFM capacity and are available in 18, 24, 34, 42 and 48 inch diameters.  Fans are built to mount in horizontal or vertical stacks.  Two fan rings are provided with each fan for attachment to the stack.

Lighting – Rapid-start fluorescent fixtures are standard. Light fixtures are 4ft. non-vapor proof fluorescent, 4 tube, 110-60-1 mounted over sealed glass openings in booth ceiling. Tubes not included. Vapor-tite and explosion proof incandescent are also available.

Paint Arrestor Filters – One complete set of filters plus spares are furnished.

Servair Mini Spray Booth Drawing


Ideal for spraying small objects such as jewellery, controls, components, etc. Booth floor is convenient table height. Uniform exhaust flow and well placed lighting provide a comfortable work environment.

Includes – Standard 18 ga. prefabricated panels. Exhaust fan, Face mounted light fixture.

Light fixtures are 12″ diameter, explosion proof incandescent.

Booth floor is 30″ high for a total height of of 6ft. 8in.

Air Replacement

Servair air replacement units, direct or indirect fired, are designed to replace plant air exhausted by the spray booth, to maintain a fresh, temperature controlled environment for the painting area.

Units have many standard configurations, including indoor/outdoor design, horizontal or vertical placement, and horizontal and vertical intake and discharge.

Accessories include discharge diffuser, air filter section, inlet cowl with bird screen, perimeter roof base, remote temperature selector, variable output, and cooling and dehumidifying for precise atmospheric control.



> For specifications and further info – View Spray Booths Brochure (.pdf)