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Servair is pleased to intAdobePhotoshopExpress_7f28a3d61f47440c80b0cc89b540b0a4roduce its new range of Dust Collectors / Sanding Booths for furniture, kitchen cabinet, fibreglass, etc. manufacturing dust collection. These booths provide a consistent clean working zone for the operator and the rest of the plant from sanding, routing and cutting stations – all applications generating large amounts of airborne dust. Conventional and costly bag houses and ductwork are only marginally effective in controlling the dust from these work stations.

Servair Dust Collectors / Sanding Booths provide over 27 air changes per minute in the immediate vicinity of a typical work station, aggressively removing and containing airborne dust particles.

Environmentally friendly and safe, Servair Dust Collectors / Sanding Booths are self-cleaning on an automatic, adjustable cycle, where the collected dust is shed off of the filter with a reverse pulse-clean feature, simply discarding the dust into removable plastic bins located directly below the pulse-clean filters. Exhaust air is twice filtered to MERV 15 and returned to the plant with no need of outside air make-up.

Each Dust Collector / Sanding Booth is shipped fully assembled and factory tested to minimize installation time, requiring only a small amount of compressed air and electrical power to operate. Standard models available in 6, 9, and 12ft. widths. CSA and UL listed.

> View Automatic Dust Collector Brochure (.pdf)
> View SDC Automatic Dust Collecor Manual (.pdf)
> View Manual Dust Collector Brochure (.pdf)
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Manual Dust Collector Features

>     Powder coated upper section
>     Backward inclined direct drive plug fan
>     Primary & final filter monitoring gauges
>     Less than 80db noise level
>     Easy set up and maintenance
>     Air exhausts back into plant
>     No air make up required
>     No explosion relief required


Part No. Dimensions Fan CFM
SDCF-673 6’W x 7′ or 8’H x 4’D 18″B.I. x 3HP 6000
SDCF-973 9’W x 7′ or 8’H x 4’D 20″B.I. x 5HP 9000
SDCF-1273 12’W x 7′ or 8’H x 4’D 22″B.I. x 10HP 12000

Automatic Dust Collector Features


>     Automatic self-clean filters
>     2-stage Merv-14 filtration
>     Air exhausts back into plant
>     No air make up required
>     Powder coated upper section
>     Filter monitoring gauges
>     All exhaust fans <80db noise level
>     Easy set up and maintenance

Part No. Dimensions Fan CFM
SDC-683 6’W x 7′ or 8’H x 3’D 20″B.I. x 5HP 6000
SDC-983 9’W x 7′ or 8’H x 3’D 22″B.I. x 10HP 9000
SDC-1283 12’W x 7′ or 8’H x 3’D 24″B.I. x 15HP 12000

●     Electrical: 208V, 230V, 460V, 575V
●     c-CSA-us (UL) certified
●     Custom enclosures optional
●     Compressed air – 5 CFM @ 100 PSIG
●     Check local jurisdictions for fire suppression requirements

Airborne Dust Information

Airborne dust collection is essential in protecting ourselves from the main risks of airborne dust. Primarily, the chemicals found in wood dust have a number of negative health effects such as being poisonous, strong irritants, sensitizers causing allergic reactions, carcinogens that increase cancer risk, and some are responsible for serious diseases. Secondarily, the airborne dust contains very fine particles less than 10 microns that cause respiratory damage both immediate and permanent. Due to the small size of these particles, they are able to bypass our normal respiratory defenses causing physical damage and decreasing respiratory capacity.

Servair open face dust control sawdust booths are designed to continuously move the dust laden air surrounding the work environment through two stage self cleaning filters, returning clean fresh air back into the plant. Air changes up to fifteen times per minute within the work area is so effective, in providing a clean and healthy work station it even improves the air quality in the entire plant.

Servair dust control systems represent a distinct improvement over obsolete cyclone/central bag house dust collectors, with significantly lower capital cost, lower energy consumption, and a healthy and hazard free plant environment.

> View Our Automatic Dust Collector Brochure (.pdf)

> View Our Manual Dust Collector Brochure (.pdf)

> Watch the video (.mp4)

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